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Benelli has become legendary throughout its 100 years of motorcycle production. Heritage, emotion, innovation, advanced technologies and many race victories with world renowned riders. A Benelli motorcycle has the personality and performance to meet the requirements of the most demanding riders.

“Benelli Biciclette” is the latest challenge from the Italian company known throughout the world for its fabulous motorcycles and scooters. In 2011 the company based in Pesaro, Italy decided to invest in the e-Bike business, proving once again that it was keeping up with the changing times to meet the requirements of its customers.

The bicycle is the symbol of a society increasingly aware of the environment, giving priority to a “greener” planet. The e-Bike combines practical, economical and sustainable mobility. Besides being ecological, the bicycle remains one of the favourite ways of moving in the city, skipping traffic with ease. Even out of town, e-Bikes provide many benefits. Thanks to the power assistance every rider can cover long distances or hilly terrain with ease, leaving the car at home.

Benelli now presents a whole range of e-Bikes designed to meet the challenges of this new sector. From classically designed city bikes, to folding commuters to full on power assisted mountain bikes, the designs are unmistakably Benelli, and so is the quality and performance.

The company of the “Leoncino” has the same objective for the eBikes as for the motorcycles, to fuel pure passion!


Twist Technology

Benelli Advanced Battery Management System

Benelli advanced battery management system includes dedicated built in cell-checking hardware and software to improve the safety, capacity and pack life of lithium-ion batteries. The Benelli battery management system communication tool can easily be connected to a computer and the battery. The computer can then read the full history of the battery to show voltage, current, temperature, remaining capacity, full charge capacity, state of charge, cycle count, charge record etc… The battery management system enhances battery performance and can quickly diagnose any faults.

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Twist Shift LED/LCD Display

Benelli has patented a new system for changing the power assistance level on its eBikes. Due to the higher speeds of eBikes it is safer to keep your hands on the handlebars, which sounds obvious, but the Benelli twist shift is the solution. Simply twist the integrated shifter and your power mode will change, and be displayed on the patented LED or LCD display (model dependant). There is no need to remove your hands from the handlebars to press buttons to change your power assistance level.

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The full range of Benelli e-Bikes can be viewed in the catalogue that you can download here.


Benelli e-bikes are now available at selected Benelli Dealerships across Australia and New Zealand.

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